The infomercials you repeatedly see everyday are always tempting. Especially that now, you are on the third month on the latest acne product you purchased and acne goes away and comes back. The product you thought that worked just cannot stop your breakouts anymore.

Surely, there are different types of skin with different levels of acne severity. Dermatological experts say however that for every acne patient, there is always a solution.

What Causes Acne?
Hormonal shifts due to puberty or menstrual cycle trigger a shoot-up of sebum and skin cells just below the follicles. This then clogs the pores causing the follicle beneath to push itself outwards causing swelling. Bacteria then worsen this bump by making it swell even more.To know more on how to manage acne, read some acne product reviews today.

Treatment Options
• Topical pore cleansers or spot treatments – commonly contains benzoyl peroxide and or salicylic acid. As people can develop a resistance to it, it is advisable that you find 2 trusted products and interchangeably use then after a month or two. Your dermatologist would probably suggest using effective pore cleanser if you have mild acne and a different or combined approach of your acne condition is moderate to severe.
• Hormone and Oil Control – would include antibiotics, which is normally the frontliner when it comes to treatment of severe acne. It could also be paired with a topical product for best results.

If in your case antibiotics don’t work, your dermatologist has a fairly long list of other treatments and approaches that will be effective for you. One other approach is an anti-androgen drug. There are possible side effects but not if you use the brand suggested by your doctor and not the generic ones. Another possibility is that your dermatologist may actually combine two or three different approaches. Like for example, he might let you take antibiotics and recommend you use a certain topical cream or gel. Also, after being cured of your acne, you might need to stop undergoing the same exact treatment you were on. You could be on a maintenance program to prevent relapse. What is important is that there is definitely a treatment that is effective for each acne problem skin. Do not lose hope. Visit your dermatologist and find out what treatment is best for you and enjoy the results.

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